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Fenland Ukuleles
Promoting the playing of the ukulele
as an enjoyable and social activity
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Past Events

We made our debut performance at the Freebridge Community Awards in April 2015 and have been delighting audiences at a number of events since. Click on the picture links below to see or hear us.

9th October 2018St Mary's Church Hall, Long Sutton
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22nd September 2018Harvest Supper, Terrington St John
18th September 2018Fish & Chip Supper, Walpole Parish Church
16th September 2018Heritage Day, King's Lynn
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13th September 2018King's Lynn Trefoil Guild
21st August 2018Over 50s Club, Sutton Bridge
19th August 2018West Norfolk Riding for the Disabled, Runcton Holme
14th July 2018Strawberry Tea, Marshland St James
4th July 2018Amberley Hall Care Home
26th June 2018Breathe Easy, Wisbech
16th June 2018Watlington Fete
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14th June 2018Ashville Residential Home, Downham Market
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11th June 2018Austin Fields Residential Home, King's Lynn
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3rd June 2018Walpole St Peter Flower Festival
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30th May 2018Downham Market Festival Coffee Morning
25th April 2018Amberley Hall Care Home, King's Lynn
13th March 2018St Mary's Church Hall, Long Sutton
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13th February 2018Crossroads Day Centre, King's Lynn
20th December 2017Ashville Residential Home, Downham Market
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16th December 2017Christmas Wreath Event, North Runcton
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14th December 2017Riding for the Disabled, South Runcton
14th December 2017The Bancroft Residential Home
9th December 2017Shoebox Appeal, Clenchwarton Methodist Church
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28th November 2017Breathe Easy, Wisbech
27th November 2017Breathe Easy, Gaywood
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1st November 2017FLUKES Party Pieces
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24th October 2017Wisbech PHAB Club
phaboct17.jpg - 8Kb
20th October 2017Crossroads Day Centre
crossroads.jpg - 9Kb
12th October 2017Ashville Residential Home
ashville.jpg - 8Kb
21st September 2017King's Lynn Trefoil Guild
trefoil.jpg - 8Kb
10th September 2017King's Lynn Heritage Day
heritage.jpg - 8Kb
9th September 2017Walpole St Andrew Church Restoration Fund Event
walpolesep.jpg - 9Kb
2nd August 2017Ashville House Residential Home
31st July 2017Breathe Easy, Gaywood
be1.jpg - 8Kb
20th July 2017The Bancroft Residential Home
bancjul.jpg - 8Kb
17th June 2017Grimston Over 60's Companion Club
9th June 2017Musical Evening at
St Mary's Church Crimplesham
crimple17.jpg - 8Kb
3rd June 2017Walpole St Peter Flower Festival
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30th May 2017Goodwins Hall Care Home
goodwins.jpg - 8Kb
8th May 2017Friday Bridge WI Birthday Event
fridaywi.jpg - 11Kb
26th April 2017FLUKES Providence Party Pieces
flukesppp.jpg - 10Kb
11th April 2017The Bancroft Residential Home
banapr17.jpg - 11Kb
28th February 2017Wisbech PHAB Club
phab.jpg - 11Kb
22nd February 2017Happy Memories Annual Dinner
at King's Lynn Town Hall
hapmem.jpg - 12Kb
21st December 2016FLUKES Christmas Party
xmas.jpg - 12Kb
15th December 2016The Bancroft Residential Home
bancroftdec.jpg - 12Kb
13th December 2016Watlington W.I. Christmas Party
watwi.jpg - 12Kb
10th December 2016North Runcton Parish Council Fund Raising Initiative Launch
nruncton.jpg - 11Kb
2nd December 2016Hillington Square Christmas Tree Lights Switch On
hillx.jpg - 11Kb
20th September 2016South Wootton Ladies Group Harvest Supper
sw2.jpg - 11Kb
10th September 2016Downham Market Dementia Fete 
9th September 2016King's Lynn Fire Brigade Association Dinner
fb.jpg - 11Kb
2nd September 2016Musical Evening at
St Mary's Church Crimplesham
crimple.jpg - 13Kb
12th August 2016William Day Centre
williamday16.jpg - 12Kb
20th July 2016King's Lynn Festival Coffee Morning
at St John's Church
stj.jpg - 11Kb
9th July 2016Pott Row Chapel Strawberry Tea
pr1.jpg - 13Kb
29th June 2016The Bancroft Residential Home
25th June 2016Watlington Village Fete
watlington16.jpg - 12Kb
30th May 2016Downham Market Fun Day
downham.jpg - 11Kb
14th May 2016Gaywood Holy Family Church
gaywood.jpg - 11Kb
4th May 2016FLUKES Club Night
clubmay.jpg - 9Kb
22nd April 2016St Katherine's Court Sheltered Housing
stk.jpg - 13Kb
13th April 2016The Bancroft Residential Home
bancroftapr.jpg - 8Kb
24th February 2016AGM 
3rd February 2016Flukes 1st Birthday Bash
birthday.jpg - 24Kb
10th February 2016King's Lynn Dementia Cafe Lunch
at King's Lynn Town Hall
kldemc.jpg - 22Kb
23rd December 2015William Day Centre
notes.jpg - 26Kb
14th December 2015Downham Market U3A Christmas Lunch
18th November 2015The Bancroft Residential Home
bancroftnov.jpg - 6Kb
26th October 2015Downham Market Dementia Cafe
1st October 2015William Day Centre
23rd September 2015The Bancroft Residential Home
bancroftsep.jpg - 7Kb
25th July 2015Gayton Village Fete
gayton.jpg - 22Kb
25th July 2015Hillington Square Summer Fete
hillington.jpg - 25Kb
27th June 2015Watlington Village Fete
watlington.jpg - 18Kb
28th April 2015Freebridge Community Awards
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