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Fenland Ukuleles
Promoting the playing of the ukulele
as an enjoyable and social activity
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Past Events

We made our debut performance at the Freebridge Community Awards in April 2015 and have been delighting audiences at a number of events since. Click on the picture links below to see or hear us.

14th June 2014Ashville Residential Home, Downham Market
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11th June 2018Austin Fields Residential Home, King's Lynn
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3rd June 2018Walpole St Peter Flower Festival
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30th May 2018Downham Market Festival Coffee Morning
25th April 2018Amberley Hall Care Home, King's Lynn
13th March 2018St Mary's Church Hall, Long Sutton
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13th February 2018Crossroads Day Centre, King's Lynn
20th December 2017Ashville Residential Home, Downham Market
ashville2.jpg - 9Kb
16th December 2017Christmas Wreath Event, North Runcton
nrxmas.jpg - 8Kb
14th December 2017Riding for the Disabled, South Runcton
14th December 2017The Bancroft Residential Home
9th December 2017Shoebox Appeal, Clenchwarton Methodist Church
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28th November 2017Breathe Easy, Wisbech
27th November 2017Breathe Easy, Gaywood
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1st November 2017FLUKES Party Pieces
fpp.jpg - 8Kb
24th October 2017Wisbech PHAB Club
phaboct17.jpg - 8Kb
20th October 2017Crossroads Day Centre
crossroads.jpg - 9Kb
12th October 2017Ashville Residential Home
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21st September 2017King's Lynn Trefoil Guild
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10th September 2017King's Lynn Heritage Day
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9th September 2017Walpole St Andrew Church Restoration Fund Event
walpolesep.jpg - 9Kb
2nd August 2017Ashville House Residential Home
31st July 2017Breathe Easy, Gaywood
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20th July 2017The Bancroft Residential Home
bancjul.jpg - 8Kb
17th June 2017Grimston Over 60's Companion Club
9th June 2017Musical Evening at
St Mary's Church Crimplesham
crimple17.jpg - 8Kb
3rd June 2017Walpole St Peter Flower Festival
walpole.jpg - 10Kb
30th May 2017Goodwins Hall Care Home
goodwins.jpg - 8Kb
8th May 2017Friday Bridge WI Birthday Event
fridaywi.jpg - 11Kb
26th April 2017FLUKES Providence Party Pieces
flukesppp.jpg - 10Kb
11th April 2017The Bancroft Residential Home
banapr17.jpg - 11Kb
28th February 2017Wisbech PHAB Club
phab.jpg - 11Kb
22nd February 2017Happy Memories Annual Dinner
at King's Lynn Town Hall
hapmem.jpg - 12Kb
21st December 2016FLUKES Christmas Party
xmas.jpg - 12Kb
15th December 2016The Bancroft Residential Home
bancroftdec.jpg - 12Kb
13th December 2016Watlington W.I. Christmas Party
watwi.jpg - 12Kb
10th December 2016North Runcton Parish Council Fund Raising Initiative Launch
nruncton.jpg - 11Kb
2nd December 2016Hillington Square Christmas Tree Lights Switch On
hillx.jpg - 11Kb
20th September 2016South Wootton Ladies Group Harvest Supper
sw2.jpg - 11Kb
10th September 2016Downham Market Dementia Fete 
9th September 2016King's Lynn Fire Brigade Association Dinner
fb.jpg - 11Kb
2nd September 2016Musical Evening at
St Mary's Church Crimplesham
crimple.jpg - 13Kb
12th August 2016William Day Centre
williamday16.jpg - 12Kb
20th July 2016King's Lynn Festival Coffee Morning
at St John's Church
stj.jpg - 11Kb
9th July 2016Pott Row Chapel Strawberry Tea
pr1.jpg - 13Kb
29th June 2016The Bancroft Residential Home
25th June 2016Watlington Village Fete
watlington16.jpg - 12Kb
30th May 2016Downham Market Fun Day
downham.jpg - 11Kb
14th May 2016Gaywood Holy Family Church
gaywood.jpg - 11Kb
4th May 2016FLUKES Club Night
clubmay.jpg - 9Kb
22nd April 2016St Katherine's Court Sheltered Housing
stk.jpg - 13Kb
13th April 2016The Bancroft Residential Home
bancroftapr.jpg - 8Kb
24th February 2016AGM 
3rd February 2016Flukes 1st Birthday Bash
birthday.jpg - 24Kb
10th February 2016King's Lynn Dementia Cafe Lunch
at King's Lynn Town Hall
kldemc.jpg - 22Kb
23rd December 2015William Day Centre
notes.jpg - 26Kb
14th December 2015Downham Market U3A Christmas Lunch
18th November 2015The Bancroft Residential Home
bancroftnov.jpg - 6Kb
26th October 2015Downham Market Dementia Cafe
1st October 2015William Day Centre
23rd September 2015The Bancroft Residential Home
bancroftsep.jpg - 7Kb
25th July 2015Gayton Village Fete
gayton.jpg - 22Kb
25th July 2015Hillington Square Summer Fete
hillington.jpg - 25Kb
27th June 2015Watlington Village Fete
watlington.jpg - 18Kb
28th April 2015Freebridge Community Awards
freebridge.jpg - 8Kb

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